About Us

iam – Intelligent Approach to Movement is a new concept in treating musculoskeletal injuries that is an integrated approach to facilitate achievement of optimal physical and psychological status of the patients. Our educated and experienced team believes that the treatment of both the physical and psychological aspects of recovery are crucial to successfully treat injuries. This unique and specific approach based on recent research will allow us to achieve optimal function in our patients.



In iam concept – the main focus is on the individual’s education with respect to their condition and process of recovery. Patients should have sufficient knowledge to actively participate in the goal setting process, discharge planning and recognizing the need for ongoing monitoring of the progress. At iam we are determined to assist with achieving optimal function regardless the age of the client.



The philosophy of our treatment approach is quick recovery and proper follow up. This approach allows patients to fully participate in their recovery and future care. Patients are educated about their injury, this knowledge contributes to the prevention of possible re-occurrences.

Sport Physiotherapy


At iam our patients are able to access client-oriented care that will guarantee their results in a short period of time. We will educate them to facilitate a change in the physical aspect of their life.

Direct Billing Services

iam Physiotherapy Clinic is authorized to submit insurance claims and pre-determinations directly to your insurance company for Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy and Acupuncture services. We are excited to offer this service to you to help save your time and improve your experience at iam Physiotherapy. Direct Billing is available for Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy and Acupuncture patients who are insured by the following insurance providers:

Every Extended Healthcare Benefit Plan is unique. Certain policies including group policies may not allow for direct billing and require the patient to submit each statement themselves. We encourage all our patients to call and check with their Extended Healthcare Providers to ensure that they are eligible for direct billing.