Infection Control

COVID-19: Infection Control Measures

How iam Physiotherapy is keeping our staff and patients safe.

At iam Physio, we remain attuned of the situation’s evolution and wish to notify you that we are taking all necessary measures in order to prevent the propagation of the virus and to provide you with a healthy environment in our facility.

As such, we practice the following protocol:

  • Our scheduling is only by appointment considering social distancing within the clinic environment.
  • Screening* all the clients prior to making an appointment and upon arrival
  • Clients should use masks for the duration of their treatments in the clinic
  • Clients must sanitize their hands upon arrival and before entering the treatment area
  • Health screening staff every day before starting their working shift
  • Using Mask/Face Shield for all the personnel
  • Washing and sanitizing hands for all the personnel before and after each physical contact
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the waiting area/front desk/chairs/switches/door knobs/ periodically during the operation
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all the equipment/beds after each use
  • Washing and disinfecting sheets, towels and gowns after each use, when is in contact with the client
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the Clinic after each shift of operation
  • Reassessing the “Infection Control Policy” beginning of every month and/or every time the new laws or by laws are released by the authorities

*Screening Protocol: Health screening prior to booking an appointment, and upon arrival, as
well as getting informed consent specific to COVID 19 upon each treatment session.