Kinesiology in Newmarket

Kinesiology includes a broad area of practice with the main focus on how humans move. This can be looked at inferiorly; however, the way we move influences our health. A kinesiologist can improve the quality of life of a patient/client by determining structural or functional problems and assist in prevention and rehabilitation from injuries. The main focus of kinesiology is not exercise per se, but it is movement in the first place. Exercises can be beneficial only after one knows how to properly move. A kinesiologist would consider the goals of a patient/client, the barriers, available resources, and the context to provide effective, novel, exercises. As such an R.Kin can help in situations where a patient/client is trying to:
• Gain strength, balance, and stability
• Achieve their preferred weight
• Improve endurance capacity
• Gain power/speed
• Improve resistance capacity