Sports Injuries Rehab in Newmarket

Sports are physical activities, and when things get physical, there is potential for injury. Overuse and acute sprain and strain injuries are the most common. An overuse injury results from excessive wear and tear on the body, especially in areas subject to repeated activity. The major joints of the body such as ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist joints are the most prone to overuse injuries. A strain injury is where fibers in a muscle or tendon tear as a result of overstretching. A sprain injury involves the overstretching and tearing of ligaments.
Many sports injuries can be avoided by suitable conditioning, sufficient warm up, wearing appropriate footwear and using correct techniques. In this section, we look at some injuries pertinent to common sports. With nearly all sports-related injuries, physiotherapy can help.

  • acute pain and inflammation management
  • chronic pain management
  • restoration and maintenance of range of motion
  • gradual strength progression of injured and complementary muscles
  •  sport-specific retraining to progress the athlete from a non-competitive state to a competitive one

Your rehabilitation will begin with a thorough assessment by one of our regulated healthcare professionals (Physiotherapist, Athletic therapist, Acupuncturist,Massage therapist).  Based on your injury, a treatment plan will be developed that will combine manual therapy, pain relieving modalities, and exercise to begin your return to sport.

At iam Physiotherapy Clinic Newmarket, we will provide the best possible outcome for your rehabilitation.